NICOLE R. WHITE Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA has initiated a scholarship through our endowment fund to honor Nicole White who was one of the thirty-two Virginia Tech students who died on April 16,2007. Nicole was a lifeguard for the Luter Family YMCA in Smithfield and volunteered many hours each week both for the YMCA and for various organizations in her community. The scholarship will be presented each spring to one senior at Smithfield High School for use at a state university of their choice. Through her acts of love and generosity, Nicole will forever leave a lasting legacy.

How to apply for the scholarship

William Andrews,II
Christine Bradley
Elizabeth Delk
Frank A. Edgar, Jr.
Debra Flores
Mark and Eileen Gallagher
Walter “Cap” and Linda Neilson
Rebecca Mercer
Pearson Family Foundation
Smithfield School Activities
Obed Spady
Charles R. Spencer, Jr.
Mike and Patricia White
Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA
Board of Directors


William Barlow
Danny and Ginny Carroll
East West Partners
Janet Evans 
Howard Freeman
Hampton Christian Schools
Johnny Lawson
Middlesex Family YMCA
Ron Perry
Smithfield-Luter Foundation
Hobart Speegle, Jr.
John Wandling
Sandy Young