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  1. Hello Tricia, I am Eileen Gallagher’s niece (and Goddaughter), Maura. What a lovely tribute this is to Nicole. There are no words to say to ever understand this awful tragedy. I think of you all often.I have seen pictures of your beautiful daughter before. My mom Trish Sullivan has a pic of you all that she keeps in her family room It is when you all went on a Family Disney cruise years ago. I have a “fiery red head” of my own as well. Erin, who is 22. The picture you have of Nicole here on your webpage is just beautiful. My first thought was how much she looks like a Gallagher. Nicole’s eyes look just like her grandfather, Mark. Very beautiful. I was not able to figure out on your web how to make a donation to the scholarship funds. Please let me know. I am wishing you all the very best. God bless. Maura Sullivan Hassey

  2. Congratulations to all of the recipients. The contribution that you have made to the community has been outstanding and we have been blessed to be able to carry on our daughter and sister’s legacy through each of you and the many more students in years to come.

  3. Our family has thought of Nicole often over the past 5 years, remembering Nicole lifeguarding at the Gatling Pointe Yacht Club pool, but we think of her especially today. We hope that your faith in God has been unwavering and that he has helped you find some peace and comfort. Our prayers are with you today and always. The Grumbling family.